It's been a while...I know.

Don't yell at me. I don't do well when people yell at me. 

(Fun fact: I actually laugh when people yell at me)

July 9th was the last time I wrote something of any value. It's been a crazy four months, four months I am super proud of. I became sole-director of our Parisi Speed School. My wife and I moved in to a new lovely home. We had one Coach leave our facility. We had one Coach start at our facility. I presented twice out of state, one of which was the first time as '' 

Like I said, it's been a crazy four months, but four months I'm super proud of. 

Traditionally when I fall off the grid it isn't because of lack of motivation, but rather where that motivation goes. I have been busy implementing and executing on different levels and unfortunately, this platform was the first to get axed. I need to give a huge shout out to Pete Dupuis for relighting the spark to sit and produce content again. Two weeks ago on a Strength Faction QNA we were talking about content creation and what modalities work best. What Pete has always believed was that content needs to be authentic.

I realized why my motivation never came back to this website. I was sitting down and writing a lot. My posts were never novels, however, they took me hours to write. This daunting task lasted about a month and a half before other things took my attention. After sitting down and letting the authenticity marinate I realized that my own content creation needs to happen in two different ways to meet my strengths: 

1) Video/audio works for me. I love to talk, not type. Going forward I hope to produce 1 short interview-style video/audio segment and upload it on here each week. Yes, I do realize that this is a 'podcast' and maybe eventually it will evolve in to something formal like that. 

2) When I do write, it needs to be short and bullet style. Hence the title of this post "The birth of my 3 things." For whatever reason, my brain works in three's and I think that can provide value (and motivation) for me to publish some short form content here. Who wants to read for longer than 3 minutes anyway? 

3) I don't actually have a third thing but after saying my brain works in three's I felt that this point was appropriate. 

So to the five people (kidding, I know my Mom is the only person who reads this) who click and give a shit about my thoughts, I hope you enjoy the new format and look forward to a more consistent version of me to finish out the year! 


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