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3 Things Other People Wrote Volume 13


My daughter started in day care this week which made daddy-daughter morning reading way easier! Check out the best of this week in training, business, and of course, something unrelated to either!

On training…

Dean Somerset has made some recent appearances here over the last few renditions and rightfully so- he’s writing some awesome pieces! He published this gem on the differences between training and working out…a conversation that many trainers and coaches have on a weekly basis with clients or colleagues they work with. Give this a read!

On business…

Michael Keeler has been crushing this season of the Business for Unicorn Podcast! This episode on lead generation is next level as far as providing tactics and real advice for training people- check it out!

On something unrelated to either…

ESPN published a great article on marijuana usage in sports and specifically highlighted how the NHL has adopted different testing standards than the other major sports leagues. This was definitely an interested read in to a hot topic that is only going to get hotter in sports!