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3 Things Other People Wrote- Volume 3


The last week of 2018 in the books! Here are three things I’ve read/watched/listened to this week that gave me a boost.

On Training…

‘Tis the season for “best of” articles to be published…each year I enjoy the content that Eric Cressey puts out and I’m sure most people who are reading this know know who Coach is I wanted to spotlight his “best of” video posts for the year. Great detail and great information, awesome for any coaches development.

On Business…

'This isn’t an article recommendation, but a book recommendation. If you’ve followed my work for any length of time then you may know I suck at reading…I average one book a year. I think that books I do read are amazing…one that I have actually re-read a few times, and do so at the start of each year, is the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. You can pick this book up used on Ebay or Amazon for under 4 bucks- something every person in the fitness industry should read for sure.

On Anything Else…

I might be a little biased on this one…okay, VERY biased on this one…but I put together a podcast episode for Strength Faction, compiling the three co-founders, Todd Bumgardner, Chris Merritt, and Mike Connelly, in to one massive episode. These three dudes have amazing brains and give amazing insight that have helped a lot of trainers and business owners- it’s a little long (3 episodes in 1), so break this sucker up and enjoy!