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3 Things Other People Wrote Volume 11

Another week in the books and here are some gems that stood out!

On training…

Some of my favorite training articles are those that help people ‘smooth out’ the process…this gem from Eric Cressey is literally just that!

On business…

I wanted to share this event that my buddy John Moljo (Owner, LAB Fitness Consultants) is hosting in May. I’ll be speaking on career growth for trainers, but in my experience as this seminar is that the networking and round table experiences are AMAZING! Check it out- definitely worth your time!

On something not related to training OR business…

If you follow me on social media - Instagram @CoachCaseyLee , no shame- then you know I’ve been a fan of the non-alcoholic craft brewery Athletic Brewing in Connecticut. Their founders were on the Barley and Me Podcast (episode 94) talking about the who/what/when/why behind being an NA Brewery. What I enjoyed about this podcast was how two guys looked at a saturated market, saw a void, and jumped in. Definitely some good lessons and of course, talking beer!