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3 Things Other People Wrote- Volume 9

Welcome to February! This month kicked off with some awesome reads, pods, and video! Check out the stand-outs below and enjoy!

On Training…

Dean Somerset wrote a banger this week about leg length discrepancies and what limb lengths role is within training. This is a topic that has always presented itself as confusing whenever assessing and working with clientele - huge thanks to Dean for shedding some light on this complex topic!

On Business…

One of my favorite business related podcasts’ to listen to is the Business for Unicorn’s Podcast- a great listen hosted by Michael Keeler of Mark Fisher Fitness. If you’re familiar with MFF and the success that business has had in NYC then you know the value this pod brings. Michael just started up season two of this podcast and his first guest is a favorite of mine, Pete Dupuis. Let the brain gains begin!

One something not related to Fitness or Business…

This was a really interesting read from the NY Times on why being bored can be good for kids. Definitely thought provoking. As a person who works with kids in the weight room- definitely something to stash away. Enjoy!