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3 Things Other People Wrote- Volume 6


Another week in the books and these three pieces of content have stood out among the rest!

On Training…

Tony Gentilcore deliver’s yet again! Check out Tony’s mini series he’s writing about fillers within his programming. This article dives in to the deadlift and this article dives in to the squat. Don’t think too hard on which one to start with- they both kick ass.

On Business…

Pete Dupuis must be on a mission this year because his writing and social media content has been amazing. Check out this awesome piece he wrote about Team Training and how it may not be the best fit for your training business.

On Nothing Related to Either…

Kind of business, but kind of not. I re-watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk on leadership this week, and man, did it blow me away (again). This is an amazing talk that really makes you assess yourself and leadership strategy.