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3 Things Other People Wrote Volume 10


Another week in the books! Below are three things I’ve read over the last week that I really enjoyed and helped spark some critical thinking…

On training…

Tony Gentilcore is on a role with blog posts about programming filler movements with big lifts. This post on the bench press was my favorite (because, bench press…) and it also has links to his squat and deadlift article. Definitely a great article to check out for those looking to expand their program design concepts.

On business…

If you’ve never checked out the ‘Start With Why’ website, you need to. There are a ton of gems that they post each week that can directly be applied to many facets of life. This article on fulfillment versus happiness is awesome. After reading this i have a whole new perspective on what questions to ask my coaching staff in order to find their why and help direct their fulfillment. Great article!

On nothing related to business or training…

Remember the NBA Referee who fixed games and gambled on outcomes? Yeah…wild. ESPN did a great article on the whole situation this week and it was pretty stellar. This will probably be a Netflix documentary in a year, but this article covers a lot of the details and why. Pretty neat…



Tricks of the Trade: Nutrition

I had the pleasure of writing a piece for Boston-based coach, and good friend of mine, Rob Aguero-Hoffman (still can't properly pronounce that last name...) and his website I met Rob last January when he was randomly assigned as my accountability bae through Strength Faction.

I always find it interesting when two random people get paired together and a bromance blossoms. Without him, I would never have gotten the gentle shove to launch this website.

Pretty freakin' cool!

Rob was great and let me pick the topic to write about. I chose something a little out of the ordinary and decided to talk about some of the nutritional tactics I give my clients. Here is the link to his website if you would like to read more: