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3 Things Other People Wrote- Volume 3


The last week of 2018 in the books! Here are three things I’ve read/watched/listened to this week that gave me a boost.

On Training…

‘Tis the season for “best of” articles to be published…each year I enjoy the content that Eric Cressey puts out and I’m sure most people who are reading this know know who Coach is I wanted to spotlight his “best of” video posts for the year. Great detail and great information, awesome for any coaches development.

On Business…

'This isn’t an article recommendation, but a book recommendation. If you’ve followed my work for any length of time then you may know I suck at reading…I average one book a year. I think that books I do read are amazing…one that I have actually re-read a few times, and do so at the start of each year, is the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. You can pick this book up used on Ebay or Amazon for under 4 bucks- something every person in the fitness industry should read for sure.

On Anything Else…

I might be a little biased on this one…okay, VERY biased on this one…but I put together a podcast episode for Strength Faction, compiling the three co-founders, Todd Bumgardner, Chris Merritt, and Mike Connelly, in to one massive episode. These three dudes have amazing brains and give amazing insight that have helped a lot of trainers and business owners- it’s a little long (3 episodes in 1), so break this sucker up and enjoy!



3 Things Other People Write- Volume 2


Happy Fri-yay! After another great week, the learning never stops! Below are three things that I’ve read or listened to that made an impact on my thoughts and actions!

On Business….

Following up on my post yesterday about staff meetings (check out the slide deck and info here)…the Harvard Business Review shared this great article that builds on some of my points and highlights a few others. I definitely plan on retooling our meetings a little bit going in to 2019 and this article has helped shape that process…

On Training/Coaching…

If you’ve never heard of Brett Bartholomew then it’s time to crawl out from under your rock…Brett has been a Coach I’ve followed and learned from since his days at API/EXOS…he puts out amazing content, and his writing is extremely thought provoking. He shared this article on Medium this week and it’s definitely worth a read.

On Nothing Fitness Related…

Admittedly I am not the biggest Game of Thrones fan…however, my Wife is and I’ve seen almost every episode because of her die hard fandom. When Vegas published the odds of who will rule the world at the end of the world the final season, I had to get in on it.

FYI- there’s no shot Jon Snow makes it. I mean, he’s already died once, right?


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