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3 Things Other People Wrote Volume 8

Another week is coming to an end! I hope your week went as well as mine. Some snow dumped on Vermont this week which gave ample time to read up on some great posts and articles!

Here are three things that stood out to me this week…

1) On Training…

The Safety Squat Bar (SSB) has been a tool in our gyms arsenal for the last couple years. Using it, you can tell there is a difference in strength levels from a SSB to a straight bar. But other than anecdotal evidence, there hasn’t been any hard researched- UNTIL NOW! Check this study out!

2) On Business…

One of my emerging platforms for idea generation is Seth Godin’s Blog. Often times I’ll jump on to the site and just click around and read his older blogs (he has soooo much on this site). This article jumped out at me this week- starting an ebook- more so because of how he went about sharing ideas and the ROI he’s found by doing so. Give it a read!

3) On something not related to business OR training….

Ever wonder how athletes transition out of sports? This article on FORBES outlines some cool initiatives that are happening and also highlights some of the CBA provisions that pay for continuing education for active NFL players- pretty cool and something that I didn’t even know existed. Definitely an interesting quick read!