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3 Things People Way Smarter Than Me Wrote And You Should Check Out...Volume 1


There are recipe writers and recipe followers. I know for a fact that I am a very good at reading other people’s recipe’s…below are three things that I’ve read/listened to this week that made me think. I’m hoping they serve the same benefit to you!

1) On business…

My go-to business blog is written by Pete Dupuis, Co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance…this guy has been through the fire and pulls back the curtain to share real thoughts of a real owner. His blog this week was straight gold.

2) On training…

I posted this picture on Instagram this week and briefly mentioned my asymmetrical approach to my deadlifting stance.

@CoachCaseyLee on Instagram

@CoachCaseyLee on Instagram

I wanted to add this throwback article that my dude Tony Gentilcore posted on his website back in April 2017…a pure gem that every coach/trainer/enthusiast should read and start to understand!

3) On something not-fitness related…

I’m a HUGE Barstool Sports guy…my favorite podcast is “Pardon my Take” in case you were wondering…Dan “Big Cat” Katz and his co-host PFT Commenter take such a funny stance on sports, it’s super refreshing.


Dan Katz has paired up with A-Rod (yep, THAT A-Rod) and started a podcast called The Corp. A series where they interview successful individuals and talk about what success means to them.

Guest number 1 was Kobe Bryant. Super legit, something I really enjoyed, and is worth a listen!