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3 Things Other People Wrote- Volume 7

This week brought some AMAZING work.. Hands down I think this is the best collection of things other people wrote to date!


On Training…

‘Tis the season for NCAA athletes to prepare for the biggest job interview of their life! My Parisi family posted this awesome article o 10 tips to have your best combine that I found simple, yet informative. Give this one a read and you’ll probably pull out some new perspective and a couple coaching cues you haven’t thought of.

On Business…

I have a couple friends who where All Bird shoes and they rave about them. Seeing this article come across my web browser was a no brainer click. When you read this- swap ‘Bird’ with the name of your fitness facility- there are SO many takeaways for any business.


"We're living in the age of the internet, where people can find out every bit of information available. If you're inauthentic, you're easily found out," he says. "If there's a brand that defines authenticity, I think it's Allbirds." - See what I mean? This statement applies to literally every training facility you can think of.

Plenty of lessons in this article that I know you will enjoy!

On nothing to do with either training OR business…

This piece by Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner regarding social media use in business is so spot on. Coach Fury pulls back the curtain on how he manages the different platforms and also shows how he has drawn a line between work and personal social media. I’ve followed suite and done a few of his actions steps myself and have enjoyed the outcomes!