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3 Things On Gym Ownership


Last week I had a great opportunity to publish a guest post for the dude, Pete Dupuis (Co-Founder Cressey Sports Performance). I wrote about the 3 reasons I failed to open my gym back in 2016. Without recapping that whole article - you can check it out right here- I wanted to touch on three things you SHOULD do if you want to live out your own dream of owning your own facility.

1) You should have a transferable revenue stream that covers your monthly fixed expenses

My BFF John Moljo (Owner, Team Moljo S&C) has always given this advice to ANYONE who wants to open their own facility (check out the full podcast episode reference here). Do you have an exisiting revenue stream that can come to your facility? Is it your client roster list? Is it online coaching? Is there a product you sell? Do you have contracted yearly speaking engagements?

You want the cash flow. You need the cash flow. If you read my article for Pete, then you know cash flow is king.

2) You should have enough capital to avoid taking out a loan

This is the advice no one takes seriously. I always get the response of “well then my gym is going to be small” - GOOD! Become efficient, become excellent at your service, and THEN in lease two, explore something bigger that you do not need to take out a loan on.

Tip #2 will keep your build out budget in check and make you appreciate tip #1.

3) You should have a soft 1 year vision and firm 3-5 vision that see’s out your first lease

I say a ‘soft’ vision because things can happen in the first 12 months. Regardless, you should have a written out vision of where your facility will be after a year. Now do that same practice for the length of your lease. When you know what you want and where you want to be, you can work backwards and create the ‘check points’ at various time periods.

Map out your happiness the best that you can so when you wake up questioning all your decisions you have the positive mindset of knowing what you’re working for!



3 Things (Metrics) Personal Trainer's Need To Track


The old cliche “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it” definitely reigns true in more ways than one. Guessing that 95% of people who read this are Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, or Physical Therapists, I wanted to highlight some over-looked metrics that you should be tracking to help improve your business.

  1. Referrals and who they come from

    This seems like a no-brainer. Most businesses ask ‘How did you hear about us’ or offer incentives with every referral. That’s not what I’m talking about. I am suggesting that you break out your referral sources and track where those referrals are coming from. Clients, complimentary services (PT, Trainers, Club Membership, etc.), social media…try itemizing your referral sources and track which ones are superstars (reward them!) and know who maybe isn’t pull their weight (help them!).

  2. Cancelled sessions

    This is something that I like to look at for not only paid clients, but prospective client assessments as well.,If you have a client or service that is yielding a high (anything over 20% or 1 in 5 is probably ‘high’) cancellation rate you might need to address the perceived value that service so that clients and prospects understand the importance of their appointments.

  3. CEU Hours

    I am thinking about this in two different ways. One, how many hours/credits you need per year…making sure you aren’t pushing it off until the last remaining months of your certification (that never ends well). Two, making sure you aren’t draining your paycheck buying every course and con-ed seminar under the sun! Give yourself a chance to apply what you learn. If you’re the Trainer always on the road learning, you aren’t the Trainer always in the gym applying what you’ve learned. Plan out where and who you learn from, get it done, but know how much you have to do.