One of my most read blog posts was on metrics Personal Trainers need to track - if you missed that post, you can check it out here- so I wanted to flip the script a little bit and talk about the metrics that Fitness Managers/ Directors/ Administrators need to take a closer look at. Again, some of these may be unconventional, but if you can look past surface metrics like sessions per month, I think you will see value in these.

1) Manager/Trainer Meetings Per Month

I’m a big fan of meeting with your staff once per week. I try to schedule 15 minutes -outside of staff meetings- each week to touch base with staff. These 15 minutes are dedicated to them, following up on past items or helping overcome hurdles in their own initiatives. I also take in to consideration any additional requested time as a positive marker in my book. If you aren’t asking for help, if you aren’t utilizing resources at your disposal, typically things turn out poorly. I like eager staff who want to talk shop and progress forward. I will always make time for that!

Side note- if staff members ARE NOT seeking your help/input on topics, are you an approachable leader?

2) Created Consults/Assessments (whatever word your department uses)

I like this metric. Just so we are on the same page, created consultations/assessments are those not given to the trainer via membership or the Fitness Director. The Fitness Industry is entrepreneurial in nature and seeing which Trainers can create their own consultations each month/quarter is awesome. I like to use this metric as a bonus qualifier or as a note should promotion to management be an option - and something the trainer wants- seeing them perform on an individual level is really cool.

3) Paid Sessions to Break-even

Do you know your facilities floor? Meaning, the amount of paid sessions you and your staff need to perform to cover overhead costs? By taking in to account all overhead…cleaning/maintenance, new equipment installments, uniform orders, floor hours, etc…you are able to find the base amount of revenue your facility needs to produce (payroll withstanding) to turn a ripe profit. Tracking ‘total number of sessions’ doesn’t give the whole story.