Click bait-y title aside...this is part three of my '7 Lessons in 7 Years' series I have been putting up this week. Part one covered coaching, part two covered leadership and I wanted the 7th lesson to be something special...something BIG...something worth it's own post. 

I don't know if it will live up to expectations. Only you, the beloved reader, can make that judgement. 

OK...are you ready? Here it comes... 


There! I said it. How did it make you feel? 

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to present with a host of other gentleman (all of which are way smarter than me...) at the LAB Fitness Consultants Networking Seminar. All four presenters touched on the concept of transparency. 

Transparency in your programming with your client - the why

Transparency in your decision making with upper level management

Transparency in your feedback to your staff 

Transparency in your communication with your clients, co-workers, family, etc. 

Why is this the biggest lesson? 

Transparency allows others to make a rational decision on the information or actions you are putting forth. Transparency allows for the building blocks of trust to be layered, empathy to be formed, and a genuine emotional response to be put forth. 

I've never once in 7 years said to myself "man I wish I wasn't so transparent". But I have said "man, I wish I didn't hold that back". 

Think about it.

Hopefully these 7 lessons help pave the way for your own lessons to be formed!