One of the first things I was told after graduating from college was 'Don't blink, time will go faster than you want it too". Boy oh boy has that been true more than ever. 

7 years bringing much more than 7 lessons. Part one talked about coaching, part two is up next with all things leadership and management.


4) A well conducted meeting schedule can change your business

At the end of 2017 I would have openly told you that meetings where the worst part of my job. I absolutely couldn't stand them. Trying to be productive on this negative aspect in my day to day, I bought the book "Death by Meeting" by Patrick Lenccioni and figured out how to conduct and participate in these meetings better. 

By being prepared, issuing agendas, gathering minutes, implementing timely follow up with objectives (set by the agenda or spoken of at the meeting itself) it made these meetings that I once hated so much a true necessity to a successful organization. 

Earlier this year (check it out here) I  wrote about how our facility spent over $1000 in staff development. 100% of that expenditure was in meetings and coaching in-services. Through quarter one we were at 137% of our revenue projections. We met on Monday's to talk operations and correct and adjust our systems and we would meet again on Friday mornings to talk all things Coaching Development. 


Because well placed, timed, and directed meetings is how an organization speaks to itself internally. Meetings are like the voice inside your head...but instead of it being YOUR head, it's inside the living, breathing walls of business. 

5) What do you want 'work' to be for you?

I've started asking this question in the last two reviews I've done with our staff. Quite frankly, I'm pissed I never asked sooner. Most people spend the bulk of their day at work with the other bulk of their day sleeping and resting to go back to work. If you're going to spend a considerable amount of time at work (for fit-pro's this can be north of 10-12 hours per day) it is managements job to ensure that the culture and environment in place meets the expectations of the staff. 

Everyone wants different things. Some people want to collect their check and go home. Some want to spend every available minute soaking up the coaching and training environment. Some head home only to open their laptop and pick up where they left off at the office. 

From a leadership perspective, I want to know what each of my Coaches want out of their place of employment so I can better establish a culture that meets their needs. 

6) Know how your employee's want feedback

This is another piece that the crew at Strength Faction showed me. The crew at BSP Nova use this question in their client intake form (great question) and I use it with my Coaches in our coaching meetings. 


As a leader I want to be able to put my staff in their greatest positions for success- feedback (critical and positive) included. Knowing who wants to be told their feedback face to face, who wants to get coffee and talk more in depth, and who wants direct, in the moment, feedback is critical to my ability to mange and direct not only the development of staff, but the quality of service we provide to our clients. 

Part three of this blog series comes with the biggest lesson I've learned to's coming REAL soon!