Reflecting on the past 12 months is cool. 2017 was huge. Like most, I absolutely anticipate 2018 to kick 2017 square in the junk. As I finish reflecting on what was...I think it's only proper to think about what could/is/going to/I want to happen for 2018...

1) Insurance companies recognizing the Personal Training profession as preventative care practitioners. 

This is happening in some states already. Vermont is very progressive when it comes to health care and preventable medicine. Understanding that exercise is good for you isn't new, but medical practitioners giving money to patients for private/group personal training as a form of preventable medicine is huge. 

We run a program at our Parisi Speed School through the "Blueprint for Health" program through Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) which allows referred children with various medical/health conditions to train with us privately or in a group. The families pay zero dollars and the tab is picked up by insurance companies.

This concept will take off in 2018. 

2) Mobility and Strength will blend in sweet, sweet unity. 

This is again, probably not a new concept, as every video I see online is of someone doing some kind of Functional Range (FR) work but I think people are yet to figure out what mobility work REALLY is and how it plays a role in strength and conditioning. 

I feel like 2017 was spent arguing about what was proper mobility training and how to incorporate it. The OG Strength Coaches thought it was bullshit and that getting strong will cure mobility deficiencies. The mobility purists were preaching the good word hard..yadda yadda yadda.

I think that 2018 will bring the two worlds together and you will see some badass Coaches putting out amazing content and programming that will get people strong and keep their joints happy. I've been a big fan Frank Duffy for a few years now and I feel that he is leading the front on mobility AND strength training. 

I'll be taking the FRC course in Tampa Florida later this month and look forward to learning the ins and outs of the FR system!

3) The DECLINE of technology in sports performance and the RISE of behavior change

For the most part I think I am 'pro' technology. However, the latest gizmo or gadget will never replace good coaching. After spending the last year splitting time on a college campus and a private facility working with athlete's- the technology can only go so far. These kids are in a non-perfect situation with school work, classroom time, practice time, dining hall hours, etc. 

It's great that the whatever gizmo will tell you their CNS is shot, but how can YOU as the coach impact their performance and recovery? 

Behavior change and helping the people you work with form new habits, ditch the bad ones, will rise and replace whatever band they are wearing on wrist.