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3 Things Podcast Episode 36- Talking programming (while on a Ferry) with John Moljo

When you're on a boat with a smart guy, sometimes you have to push record and just wing it. John Moljo was visiting for the weekend and sparked an impromptu podcast while we were riding the ferry from New York back to Vermont. The topic this time is programming- a brief overview, some things to consider, and big block takeaways for new coaches. This was a fun podcast to do, and I hope you enjoy!

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3 Things Podcast Episode 3


3 Things Podcast Episode 3

What an episode!

I had the pleasure of being joined by a mentor, and good friend of mine, Chad Coy for this episode! Chad is an incredibly bright coach based out of Bloomington-Normal Indiana (I think I spelled that right?) and has been competing in strong man for over 30 years- wowza. On top of his own athletic endeavors he has owned and operated his own gym and is one of the Master Trainers for the Paris Speed School franchise where he travels the country coaching coaches and teaching the Parisi curriculum. 

I really enjoyed this conversation and I am happy it was recorded for you all to hear!

SPARK NOTES: The three things we talk about are:

1) His number one thing for training longevity

2) Similarities between strongman and youth athletes

3) What's his mindset when coaching coaches vs coaching athletes?