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3 Things Podcast Episode 15- Certifications,

Super pumped to have John Moljo back on for another episode of the 3 Things Podcast! To date, his first episode is still the most downloaded episode and John lives up to that title again. On this episode we talk about the value of certifications, how to make the most of your environment, a mistake John has learned from, and what he's doing differently in a new (much larger) facility!

If you are looking for MORE John Moljo you can find him at:
Instagram/Snapchat @TeamMoljo
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1396 E Main St, Shrub Oak, NY 10588
Tel: (914) 743-1887

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3 Things Podcast Episode 13- Authenticity, Language, & Helping Young Professionals with Matt Ibrahim

Matthew Ibrahim is the Co-Owner and Lead Performance Coach for TD Athletes Edge in Boston, Co-Founder of the Hip Hinge 101 Workshop and a Strength & Conditioning Coach who has spent the past decade working in a variety of athletic performance and sports medicine environments. His professional work has been featured in Men’s Fitness and STACK Media, and he has consulted with EXOS at Google Headquarters and Stanford University. He is a big fan of interacting and connecting with people around the world, so feel free to reach out via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

I am super pumped to have him on for episode 13 of the 3 Things Podcast- I really think you will enjoy this episode!

To learn more about Matt, check him out on Instagram at @Matthewibrahim_ or 

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