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3 Things Podcast Episode 18- School vs 'Real life', Young Coaching Career Objectives & More with Ian Cutting

I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Ian Cutting last October while presenting at the LAB Fitness event. He immediately stood out as a young buck in the industry who asked questions, wasn't afraid to share his thoughts, and always had something to contribute. It was no surprise about a month ago that he emailed me and asked if he could have his own episode of the 3 Things Podcast. I respect the hell out of any professional who isn't afraid to ask and without further adieu, I present Coach Ian Cutting's episode of the 3 Things!

Ian and I talk about his first year as a Strength Coach at Contemporary Athlete (Clifton Park, NY) and the adaptations and growth he's gone through. He really delivers some awesome nuggets through out this whole episode, I know you all will love it!

To learn more about Ian or the work he's doing at CA you can go to or check him out on Instagram at @Coach_Cutting.

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