Mike Connelly is one of the Co-founders of Strength Faction and also the Director of Fitness for Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) in Chicago. I have had the pleasure of getting to learn from Mike over the last 18+ months and his knowledge and experience navigating a commercial gym setting has been game changing for both my personal development, and business acumen.

In this conversation Mike and I talk about balancing careers with true happiness, how he's been able to build a strong culture in his club, and what his best advice would be for those in a commercial gym!

Mike and I mentioned an article he posted on Tony Gentilcore's website- you can read that here: tonygentilcore.com/2018/03/social-…ing-owning-gym/

If you want to get in touch with Mike, you can email him at MConnelly2831@gmail.com or check him out on Instagram at @mconn2831. You can also get Mike Connelly content delivered right to you via Strength Faction at www.StrengthFaction.com

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