Eric Mitchell is a fantastic person. Yes, he is top notch Coach. More importantly he is a phenomenal human being. A decorated Performance Coach with 28+ years of experience, has coached numerous athletes in to the NFL and through the combine scouting process, sits as a Master Trainer for the Parisi Speed School, and to top it off, fund raises and promotes awareness for abused children, specifically shaken baby syndrome. 

It is 100% my pleasure to have Eric on as this weeks guest. 

What I know Eric most for is his amazing ability to tell stories. 4 years ago I first met Eric at a Parisi Summit in Florida and sat in on his presentation called "Coaching Great". Little did I know that by the end of the hour my coaching style would change forever. Learning and understanding the leadership qualities that impact our clientele, the power of telling stories, engaging as a speaker and educator, all of these things that were hidden in my  young coaching career came to life. 

In this episode we talk all things LEADERSHIP. This episode is massive. If you could all do me a HUGE favor and forward this episode on to any Coach that you know -strength/rehab/sport- and have them give this a listen I think our industry would benefit. 

If you are looking to reach out to Eric personally you can reach him at Eric will also be presenting at a regional strength and conditioning conference at Juniata College...the link is right here

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