Steve Leo has been the biggest mentor in my growth as a Coach. Hands down. Having him on for this episode is such an honor. If you are a new or veteran coach, you will pull out some SERIOUS gems from this conversation!

Steve was the first coach of the Parisi Speed School and now holds the position as the Head Master Trainer of the Parisi Franchise System. I had the pleasure of working along side him for the last three years developing and implementing the PSS training curriculum as well as filtering out what training content belongs in our youth training model. 

On top of being the "Master Yoda" of Parisi, Steve also owns his own facility, works as a Strength Coach at a local prep school, and is also a training educator for Vertimax. 

If you want more information on Steve or want to get in touch with him you can find him at @CoachSteveLeo on Instagram or you can email him at and he contributes content to his facility site at